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Measuring and optimizing skills
Gives ability to organizations

Manage their;
Operational Costs Based On Data

Get Ready To Prepare Your Future By Your Talents SkillForce Four Your Business!


Spilling Skills From Phyton, Javascript, Development, Web Components, AI and etc

Assess & Develop

Measuring gaps with thematic and project by assessments
Flowing a journey to reskill & upskill


Matching talents with the right job and pinpoint them for the projects

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Meet SkillFlit; where technology makes skill projection easy

Strategic Skill Generation Smart Skill Development Tools Recommendation and Predictive Analytics Discovering potential/Individual Development Plans Reporting, easy implementation and follow-up

Data Driven Talent Tracking

Identifying skill gaps Skill Taxonomy Talent Management ( Development&Path&Tracking) Management on Candidate&Recruitment&Learning Goal Settings&Tracking

Strategic Improvement on Organizational Statement

Strengthening the organizational digital experience
Optimize processes increasing the productivity

% 44 of corporates say will face skill gaps within the next five years, % 43 say, expecting skill gaps with in 10 years period; totaly % 87 of L&D leaders expecting to face skill gaps in their company in 10 years period.


85% of the jobs that will exist by 2030 haven’t been invented yet. Get ready for lifelong skill development in real time, not in the corporate sense as we know it!

Institute For The Future Report (From The Workshop of Dell Technologies)

% 74 of L&D professionals says reskilling&upskilling programs as their top priority in the next coming years.

LinkedIn Workforce Report

The global talent shortage amounted to 40 million skilled workers worldwide

U.S. Labor Statistics

41% of companies say entry-level positions are the hardest to fill.

HR Tech Survey

72% of employers are having a hard time finding skilled candidates

HR Tech Survey

77% of recruiters go back and hire candidates who at first didn’t appear to be fit

HR Tech Survey


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