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Why SkillFlit?

Technology; not just work transforming talents.

To make a difference at work, skills need to be aligned to the rapid development of the digital world.

Thats why skill generation becoming more strategic.

Measuring and optimizing skill development, gives the ability to manage time, budget and conversion costs based on data.

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Meet SkillFlit, Where Technology Makes Skill Generation Easy!

Making skill development modular, versatile and personalized, SkillFlit provides the opportunity to identify skill generation needs based on data using technology, with making skill development modular and personalized. With SkillFlit, individuals can get to know what skills are required for the jobs of digital world, while institutions can analyze more clearly what type of talents and skills for their strategic point of view.

Strategic Skill Generation

Bird's eye view of skills
What skills are needed for which job?
New skill acquisition methodologies

Data-Driven Skill Tracking

Workforce analytics
Purposeful skill acquisition
Efficiency in managing the operational and financial costs of skills generation

Strategic Preparation and Release for the Future of Work

Strengthening the organizational digital experience Optimize processes increasing the productivity

% 44 of corporates say will face skill gaps within the next five years, % 43 say, expecting skill gaps with in 10 years period; totaly % 87 of L&D leaders expecting to face skill gaps in their company in 10 years period.


85% of the jobs that will exist by 2030 haven’t been invented yet. Get ready for lifelong skill development in real time, not in the corporate sense as we know it!

Institute For The Future Report (From The Workshop of Dell Technologies)

% 74 of L&D professionals says reskilling&upskilling programs as their top priority in the next coming years.

LinkedIn Workforce Report


With SkillFlit, more competent for today and more prepared for the future at every step of the way!

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